“Highly Recommend”

“Mitch has been an incredible person to work with. He values people and works with you to overcome challenges and share his unique perspective. I am very fortunate that Mitch and I crossed paths and am excited to continue that relationship in the future! Highly recommend.”

– Michael C.
Over 40 Years in Real Estate

“No Haggle Home Offers”

“They Gave Us Peace of Mind”

Such a great company to do business with. Right away very comfortable with all walk thrus, offer and closing. They gave us peace of mind since we had relocated out of state. Highly recommend.

– Amy Kenna Davis

About Sold Fast

Sold Fast is your respected and reliable house-buying service with over 40 years of experience. We are a highly knowledgeable home-buying team, and we’re proud to be both investors as well as licensed real estate agents. Our focus is on helping homeowners, like you, sell their house on a timeline that works for them. We do this by providing our clients with multiple selling options, including a direct cash offer, and a traditional home sale, as well as the ability to remodel your home so that you can get more money at close.

We live here; we love here. We take the unlivable and make it lovable. Our mission is to help the communities we work in evolve and flourish through neighborhood rejuvenation. This is so much more than another deal for us; it’s a chance to help our community.

We can do about anything! Give us a chance to showcase our integrity by treating you with honesty, respect, and direct communication. Not only are we trusted and reliable direct home buyers, but we are also licensed real estate agents with years of experience buying and selling homes, as well as assisting in remodels and construction.

Meet Bob Coluzzi

Chief Construction Field Director

Bob manages all things construction and renovation. He spends his days on the job site mentoring crew members, planning projects, running heavy machinery, and doing any work that needs to be done.

When not on the job site, he has a couple of grandkids to keep him busy.

Meet Mitch Coluzzi

Mitch grew up surrounded by residential real estate and construction. He has been a licensed real estate professional for over 10 years. Today, he focuses on improving communities one (or a few) houses at a time.

With a track record of honest and successful business practices, Mitch has grown into a respected expert in the local market.

If you’ve met Mitch you may have noticed that real estate is both his profession and hobby, but he also enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters (yes, THREE girls!!).

Meet Ryan Dossey

After years of learning about the nuances of real estate, creating processes for marketing, and learning the nuances of hiring staff, I am able to give back to causes that I believe in.

My wife and I heavily invest in anti-human trafficking/education programs via A21.org and Hand of Hope. Ever since we were broke teenagers these causes have been extremely important to us. I’ve always believed that part of why I’m on earth is to fund the causes I care about.

Whatever your path in real estate, I might be able to help. How can we work together?

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If you have any questions about the process of selling a house, if you need help avoiding foreclosure, or if you just would like to learn more about us don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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